5 Pumpkin Carving Tips (that you never knew!)

Hands up if you're going pumpkin picking this weekend?


5 Pumpkin carving tips

Read our 5 Pumpkin Carving Tips (that you never knew!)

1. Cut a square or diamond-shaped hole in the back of the pumpkin rather than around the stem, which structurally weakens the pumpkin and causes it to degrade quicker.

2. Draw your design on paper before taking a knife to the pumpkin. Then draw it onto your pumpkin using a dry erase marker which wipes away more easily than a pen or Sharpie.

3. Cut too deeply and a part fell out? Use toothpicks to connect stray pumpkin pieces.

4. Spray your pumpkin inside and out with a bathroom cleaner containing bleach. Let it evaporate for at least five minutes. This keeps the pumpkin from rotting too quickly and protects it from hungry squirrels and other animals.

5. Does the wind keep blowing out the candle light? Use battery-operated tea lights or balled up fairy lights instead.

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