A Christmas Tale With a Twist – Making the Most of the Festive Season This Year

When the initial murmurs came trickling into articles and broadcasts of an unknown virus beginning to spread, there was no way anyone could have predicted it would become the global Covid-19 pandemic. For many of us life has changed in utterly unprecedented ways, and although we had all hoped this would be over sooner rather than later, it’s clear that we’ll be living in these strange and unusual times for a while still.


It’s a testament to the resilience and strength of the human spirit, however, that we have come up with novel and interesting ways to adapt to life during lock-down. As difficult as this time has been, there have been amazing and inspiring examples of people going above and beyond to bring joy and happiness into the lives of those around them. And there is no holiday which embodies these values more than Christmas.


Since time immemorial, the heart of the festive season has been all about celebrating happiness, togetherness, compassion and gratitude. Christmas is so magical because of what we bring to it, and we need to bring this magic into the world more than ever. A quarantine Christmas isn’t going to be any less memorable or wonderful than a regular Christmas, and I’m here to give you some suggestions below so that you can make your Christmas even more special.


Memories are things we make with our own hands, and I’ve written this little blog to guide you through some of the ways you can create the most perfect Christmas day and sprinkle some of that festive sparkle into your holidays.


A Snug Christmas Jumper

There’s nothing that says it’s Christmas more than a festive Christmas jumper. They’ve been a holiday staple for years and it’s easy to see why they’ve enjoyed such enduring appeal. With their vibrant colours, whimsical imagery and entertaining quotes, there’s something about them that’s just so heart-warming and jolly. Considering that Christmas occurs on one of the coldest nights of the years, it’s another great excuse to stay cosy and warm!


Whether you wear them with a pair of jeans, over a fancy dress or just throwing them over a pair of pyjamas, they’re surprisingly versatile and will go perfectly with any type of outfit. If you are looking for some style inspiration, then this blog has some amazing tips on styling them!


Matching Christmas jumpers take this accessory to a whole other level, and these personalised Matching Family Christmas Jumpers and Matching Couples Christmas Jumpers are the perfect gift to surprise your dear and loved ones with. Just imagine how amazing that splash of colour will look on your Zoom-call parties!


Festive Home Decor

Christmas trees have become such an iconic part of Christmas festivities that they are a symbol for the holiday itself. For children and adults alike, taking down your Christmas tree from the attic and decorating it with tinsel, baubles and ornaments means that the festive season has officially begun. When it comes to tree decorations, there are so many beautiful designs out there, and personalised baubles and ornaments are a great way to make your Christmas tree truly your own.


Christmas is such a joyous occasion, and we of course want every member of the family to be a part of this in some way. With this exquisite personalised Baby Girl’s Pink Bauble, you can celebrate two wonderful things at once – the arrival of a little bundle of joy as well as their very first Christmas. First times only come once, and your baby girl’s first Christmas deserves to be commemorated in some way.


Of course, adults shouldn’t miss out on the fun of a personalised ornament either, and this personalised ‘Our First Christmas In Our New Home’ Snow Globe Ornament is the perfect choice for this. A new home is the place where you will create memories that will last you for a lifetime, and your first Christmas there will no doubt always have a special place in your heart.

 Ho Ho Ho Christmas Cushion Home DecorDon't be a cotton headed ninnt muggins Christmas Cushion Home DecorStag Christmas Cushion Home Decor

Speaking of décor, a collection of cushions can instantly transform the vibe and atmosphere of a room. Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, cushions are the perfect combination of decorative and functional. If you’re looking to bring some Christmas warmth into your home, then you can’t go wrong with this delightful Stag Cushion and Ho Ho Ho Cushion.


They instantly brighten up your chairs and sofas whilst also giving your body some much-needed support whilst you Netflix and chill. What’s more, the tasteful designs and colours means that you can keep them around even when the Christmas season is officially over, because cushion season never ends.


Creating Christmas Eve Magic

 Keeping in line with the cuddly and cosy theme are some Matching Reindeer Family Pyjamas, which are the perfect choice for Christmas Eve. Having the children and even the whole family in some delightfully matching festive pyjamas will also set the scene for some amazing photos when everyone is opening their presents early on Christmas morning.

Christmas Eve is arguably one of the most anticipated nights of the year, because it’s the night when Santa will be flying around town making his all-important deliveries. With this personalised Red Christmas Eve Box, you can either fill them with cookies and carrots for Santa and his reindeers or hide some Christmas sweaters and pyjamas inside. By the way, here’s a delicious recipe for Christmas biscuits if you want to bake something special for the box!


This personalised Father Christmas Bag is the ultimate way to create the ultimate Christmas experience, and its stunning quality and durability means you can fill it to the brim until its bursting with presents – keeping true to the generosity of the festive spirit.


A Quarantine Christmas

A Christmas under lock-down will certainly be a novel experience, but there’s every possibility that it is this that will make this Christmas all the more memorable and special. Creating the joy and happiness of the holiday season doesn’t have to be hard, and all you need are some fluffy Christmas jumpers, cosy cushions and some ornaments and trinkets here and there to bring the sparkling magic of Christmas into your home.

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