Let me introduce myself....

Hello friends! 👋

It’s been a little while since I last introduced myself and, let's be honest - with Christmas out of the way I've finally got a minute to take a breath and have a chinwag!

I’m Natalie, a Mum to two little boys, a dopey dog (Saint Bernard) and a noisy bird (a cockatiel).

I live in the historic city of Chester in the north-west of England.

At the moment, if I'm not busy working on your orders, researching business strategy or thumbing the pages of EVERY wedding magazine available, you will find me getting absolutely drenched watching grassroots football/rugby or drinking Gin and Tonic and binge-watching Schitts Creek (for the millionth time!)

I am prone to overthinking things and find listening to music and soundscapes an instant destresser. Thunderstorms are my favourite, but I have a secret obsession with listening to the soundtracks of The Piano and A Beautiful Mind.

My pet peeve is when people stand at a zebra crossing to text or chat 🤯, closely followed by the search for my car keys just before we're due to leave for the morning school run 😫 !

So that’s me. Tell me about you!

Answer these three questions in the comments.👇 1. Where are you from? 2. What do you do for fun? 3. What’s your pet peeve?

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